Coaching & Mentoring

Martin has a passion for coaching and mentoring. Helping others achieve the success they want is a great way to give back. Whether you want to include coaching as part of an event, or to plan a program of coaching for a specific individual, speak to Martin’s team about what can be achieved.

We all need coaching or mentoring at various stages of our lives and careers, and when it relates to one of Martin’s areas of expertise, he will deliver enormous value. To maximize the benefit, we can establish coaching or mentoring groups entirely and exclusively for your group.

If individual audience members wish to have mentoring, this may be arranged as part of the engagement. Coaching services are designed to meet specific objectives and usually last between three to twelve months, depending on the level of the individual and what they are attempting to achieve. Mentoring is more general and can last as long as the recipient feels they can benefit.

Martin is available to provide coaching on topics related to the keynote speeches. Coaching may be provided for any individuals, from junior managers to technical experts and executives, or for teams and groups. These services may be delivered one-on-one, or one-on-group. Audience members have the option to join one of the development forums that use virtual webinars, social media groups and information exchanges.

Determining whether an individual or group needs mentoring or coaching is very important. Here are some guidelines to assist with that decision.

Coaching is driven by performance ability versus what is expected of the individual or group being coached. In effect, it is a form of training. Typically there will be involvement of the immediate supervisor in designing the outcomes.

Mentoring is relationship driven and depends on the need for personal development and growth of an individual or group. It has more to do with exploration and self-discovery than coaching and often builds confidence in people to take on new and bigger challenges.