Industries and Event Types

Martin has delivered outstanding presentations to many industries. With his broad experience, he is sure to find key topics and ideas that resonate with your delegates.

One of the greatest benefits of engaging a speaker who has crossed over between industries is that stories from one industry spur innovatine thinking in others. Martin’s team researches the key issues in each industry to ensure the audience is really challenged. Participating with leaders like Martin provides a great opportunity for delegates to hear how an impact on one industry occured and how this might translate into great ideas for their own industry.

Martin presents ideas that are instrumental in helping navigate through critical development, transformation and growth in your industry. During the preparation for the event, Martin’s team will work with your event planners to make sure the presentation is tailored to achieve your desired results.  What could be common between the education and petrochemical industries? Talk to Martin and the team to find out.

Keynote presentations where the speaker comes in like a celebrity and is then rushed out after the event leave very short-lasting impressions. It is far better for the speaker to remain and chat with the delegates afterwards and this Martin enjoys and  will do.

Some in the audience may already have been spurred into action by Martins presentation, thinking of new possibilities that they would like to test out. Martin is always happy to remain afterwards and help delegates formulate actionable ideas they heard in the presentation.