Keynote Speaker - Executive Coach

Martin Hedley has led a successful international career with organizations large and small.  He is sharing insight and knowledge through speaking and coaching.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Don’t miss out – we will deliver virtual speeches, seminars and keynotes.

Martin is a transformation executive, keynote speaker, coach and mentor. He is the founder of the Achievement Academy, a learning & development facility designed to develop people wherever they are – for business, for community and for themselves. He also founded the Authentic Peak Performer Forum, the leadership development group within the Academy.

Let Martin grab the attention of your audience. He will use provocative thoughts and ideas with the intent of keeping them thinking long after the presentation. Essential ideas will be communicated in different ways so everyone can benefit, regardless of their perspective. Often humorous, Martin’s presentations will motivate and leave a lasting impression.

Martin has led many large-scale transformation initiatives, often involving cross-border activities and requiring a special type of leadership that blends technical, emotional and cultural intelligence. His team will work to understand your needs and develop a presentation that is sure to leave your audience ready for action. Your delegates will hear about the tools and techniques necessary to address the issues they are dealing with. Flexibility is an essential attribute of a keynote speaker. Martin will make sure the message fits well with what they need to hear. Audiences leave inspired and with tools and techniques they can try the very next day.

Martin appears courtesy of Vision Achievement Limited